Thursday, October 30, 2008

No They Didn't!

Now didn't I just talk about this madness yesterday? Why won't people get enough? It's never okay to do these types of things and there are other ways of getting your thoughts and opinions across. There are two stories here that are shown below. Neither one of them impressed me or shocked me which is the sad thing. I'm never surprised by the idiocy of people or the choices people make in this world. I'm sure someone will argue that there is "free speech". Yes there is. Both of these situations occured on university grounds. I'm sure that the African Americans students didn't have in their minds this morning to be called the "N word" just by attending school that day. Anyway - holla at me!
October 30th, 2008

Obama image found hanging on Kentucky campus. Authorities at the University of Kentucky are trying to find out who hanged a life-sized stuffed doll of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on campus. The Obama likeness was found hanging from a tree on campus Wednesday morning, college spokesman Carl Nathe said. Police immediately took it down. School President Lee Todd says that he plans to personally apologize to the Obama family on behalf of the university and that he is "personally offended and deeply embarrassed by this disgusting episode." It's the second time an effigy has been found on a college campus recently. Earlier this week, George Fox University in Oregon said it was punishing four students who confessed to hanging a likeness of Obama from a tree. Obama wasn't the only victim of such pranks. Secret Service agents recently visited a California home where a mannequin of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hangs from a noose. The display also features John McCain surrounded by fake flames coming out of the bungalow's chimney. Deputy Special Agent in Charge Wayne Williams told The Associated Press that so far that incident seems to be a harmless Halloween display. He said they are not treating it as a threat.

The "cartoon" (which isn't funny at all) was placed in a college newspaper and has since published an apology for the "N Word" being used in the cartoon. *blank stare*

The Montclair State University (NJ) college newspaper has issued an apology for running The K Chronicles strip that used a racial epithet. The Keith Knight cartoon shows a woman going door to door asking people who they’ll vote for and the resident responds with the epithet.

The editor, while apologizing for running the cartoon that resulted in a dozen calls to campus officials, blames the thought that all material coming from a syndicate would be safe and not need editing.

“Many of you have voiced your displeasure with this cartoon, as is your right,” editor-in-chief Bobby Melok wrote. “It is never The Montclarion’s intention to offend its readership, and we sincerely apologize to all who were upset with this comic.”

In an interview, Melok said the strip was received through MCT Campus, a syndicate that provides content for colleges across the country. A production editor placed it on the comics page without raising a flag, Melok said.

“We assumed because it was part of the syndicate, it was appropriate,” Melok said. “We didn’t take the care that we should have. It was a mistake. From now on, we’re going to be more aware of what we put in the newspaper from outside and what we do ourselves.”


holly said...

The only comment I really have is that I noticed you only higlighted the "two" examples that occurred on school grounds, and by reading the examples you provided, it is clear you are talking only about Obama. I think it is interesting that there is no mention or outrage of the effigies of Sarah Palin or John McCain (which would total to three maybe four examples) and really all four are disgusting. What I have noticed are that people can be quick to notice and point fingers about what the public does to Obama, but not so much what the public does to Palin, or McCain. I think we should be fair, and equal.

Tiki: said...

Yeah, you are right. In this post it was only centered on Obama, the universities and racism. It was brought up by Tanja, on another post, about Palin having an effigy of her hung outside of this guys house and I made mention there in my comment to her that "Yes, I know about the Palin Effigy. That was no more right than Obama's..." and I stand by that here as well. I was not talking about McCain/Palin here and I'm sure there are alot of things that I could bring up about them but haven't and won't. As far as what the "public" has to say or what "their" opinions are, it doesn't matter to me. I have my own opinions and will continue to voice them. If I choose to never bring up McCain/Palin again so be it. It's my choice. Isn't America beautiful?

holly said...

True dat, you have that choice! I just like to point out that people LOVE to cry and rant about the horrible things that happen to certain subgroups but I can't decide if they are ignoring the same things that happen to other subgroups they are disinterested in, or don't care they are happening, or if it's okay with them, because they don't like those subgroups. Is there another option I am missing here?

Tiki: said...

It's not that you are missing something and unfortunately, I can not answer for everyone. The truth of the matter is, the exact same thing can happen to two people with two different meanings behind them.

As for me, this is history in the making and I'm truly interested in Obama and what he stands for. I'm less interested in McCain/Palin, although she is making history as well. Most of my comments and posts so far have been PRO-Obama/Biden and I would like you to continue to read and comment with your view for PRO-McCain/Palin.

We will agree to disagree!

holly said...

Word! And intersting points you've made Symmonne.

Saule Wright said...

The reason that subgroups speak up and it's pointed out when those groups...nah, let's be real. The reason it's a big issue when black folks speak up about racism like this, is because there are years of laws and communities set up on legalized racism and oppression. We didn't have a voice years. Now that we have a voice and can make things happen, folks cry for equality.

Is it right? nope, but I understand. If I kick your ass all week, and you punch me on Friday, how can I complain aobut you punching me Friday like the rest of the week doesn't matter.

holly said...


I hear lots of very liberal white women, mainly Hillary Clinton hopefuls, saying the same things. Pointing out the disgraceful disgusting things that happen to Obama like the effigies, but they hate Palin so much (I think because of her Christian right leanings and anti-abortion political standings)that they don't care if it happens to her. In fact I think it is beyond not caring but some applaud it. And these are "feminists"!!!!!! I call them hypocrites.

glocha said...

That's right that all of those things were horrible, but specific things will jump out at a person because of the personal connections one has--be it from experience or history. I don't like the idea of Palin being discriminated against for being a woman, and the same with Hillary. Sexism is just as bad as racism and when hate is thrown in the mix, it's worse. There is also a personal connection to having dealt with racism in one way or another, and this comic strip is bluntly offensive, and it is a shame that there is such an irresponsibility that no one read that carefully before it went to print and thought, "We shouldn't print that." I'm sure (from having discussed racism with Tiki before) that this is as much offensive in that matter to her as sexism is (as well for me).

Tiki: said...

(Glo - I removed the double post of your comment.)