Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack's 30 Minute TV Special Tonight!

I’m not sure how many of you are aware, tonight, Barack Obama will air a nationally televised 30 minute TV special to try and sway the votes of the many undecided voters still left to see anything that will influence them one way or the other.

So far, he has received many negative opinions and ads from McCain on choosing to spend the money that has been gifted to him from all sorts of followers. Some folks call it “phenomenal fundraising” which has been noted as the most money that has been raised in the history of this process.

I tell ya, people will find something wrong with any situation. I’ve been told throughout my life that you can’t make everyone happy all the time, IF EVER. These politicians try so hard to win our votes by telling us things that they know they can not do or will never do, but to get our vote they’ll say anything. Why do we believe them? Because we must! It’s not wrong to believe in something, it is wrong to be told something foul deliberately.

As much as I want Obama to win, I know he will have severe obstacles in his way. Several bad things have already happened and he hasn’t made it to the white house yet: the fool who said that she was jumped because she had a McCain/Palin sticker on her car, the two men who were arrested for plotting to assassinate him, having an Obama Effigy from a noose in a tree, and both Barack and Michelle being plastered on the cover of the New Yorker as terrorists – her with an afro and a gun and him with a turban in Muslim clothes bumping fists. I'm sure there are things that have happened that I haven't listed, but you get my drift.

Watch the special tonight!