Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am hella FEISTY!!

There are people in this world who r gonna wanna try you,

Give ‘em all a door and push their ass and their ‘ttude thru,

I’m tired of this bullshit and the game of who wanna hurt who,

Just keep it pushin’, keep it steppin’ and try somebody else Boo!

I’m not ur doormat for u to walk on, ur games don’t get no play here,

I see thru u and yo shit and on this face they’ll be no tears,

Tell the mothafuckaz who r witchu I have no fear,

While all my homies got my back and ready with THEIR own gear!

No one standing by will be needed or even necessary,

I’m ready for you and you can call all of my adversaries,

You’ll NEED those who will attempt or wanna try me,

Cuz I’ve been told thru out my years that I am hella feisty!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As he stands there at the mic with his eyez closed in deep concentration

Preparing to let the words flow from his divided lips, his art touches me

In a way I can’t explain nor do I want to. It’s something I hold dear,

Something that is for me and me alone to wonder where his mind is, as he

Strokes MY mind, body and soul with his gems.. I sit there unknowingly drifting

Side to side while I listen and fly slowly out of the room to where he takes me with his

Expressions. He opens his eyes and sees a crowded room while all the time I see

Only him. He speaks again and I begin to soar oh so softly out of the room again and I only,

See him, hear him, feel him just in those words he so softly…


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worth Shoutin'!

All that glitters AIN’T diamonds,

Day in and day out, I’m grindin’,

It’s in me to succeed so I’m tryin',

You know me, no need for remindin’

What I want and deserve is worth findin’

All the hills and mountains I’m still climbin’

All the while on my face I am smilin’

Things I want are worth all my fightin’

There are folks in my way I’m removin’

What they want they won’t get so I’m blockin’

Their hands and their feet – they aren’t landin’

This fight, I’m smirkin’cuz I’m winnin’

This direction I’m in now is preparin’

Me for what I knew all along, I’m transformin’

Which makes the outcomes I receive worth shoutin’!

Friday, March 04, 2011


What is there that I DESPISE

More than a LIE

Regardless of WHY…

Makes me CRY

While my insides DIE

And what do you IMPLY

That you’d rather DEFY

My feelings and TRY

To fix things BY

Explaining and trying to BUY

Yourself time to APPLY

The answers I RELY

So heavily on to SUPPLY

Myself some relief and I TRY

To understand before I become SHY

And say to you... GoodBYE…