Wednesday, May 27, 2009

21 Kids/11 Baby Mommas - Just NASTY!!!

Ladies, please remember this face, but with a little conversation, you will know to immediately drop everything and run the other way!! This sperm donor has 21 kids with 11 baby mommas!! Now, one is enough for anyone BUT 21!! GRODDY!! He's disgusting and so are the women! I don't approve of him doing what he's done and I don't agree with all these women having these kids!! C'mon ladies!? His game CAN'T be that good!! We have to begin believing in ourselves instead of letting these men pull the wool over our eyes! I include myself in this. I need a good talking to as well sometimes. I only give advice that I'm not afraid of taking heed to myself. Thanks Stephanie for this story.

This fertile dude pictured up top has eleven baby mothers and twenty one children. His name is Desmond and he is twenty nine:

As if Octomom wasn’t bad enough, a Tennessee man, 29 year old Desmond Hatchett has now fathered at least 21 children he can’t support. Hatchett was in child support court again last week. His name appeared on the dockett 11 times in one day, representing 15 of his children.

Hatchett says he wasn’t out to set a record. He says he never intended to have this many children, “It just happened.” He fathered the children by at least 11 different women and he claims all of the mothers knew about his large family. The children range in age from newborn to 11 years old.

The question Knox County officials now face is how to support all these children. Hatchett works a minimum wage job and by law the state can only take 50% of his paycheck for child support. By the time that money is split 21 ways, some of the mothers get less than $2 per month. That leaves the taxpayers footing a large portion of the bill for these children.

Even though Hatchett can’t support the children he has, there is nothing the state can do to prevent him from having more. Hatchett reports that he had 4 children in one year, twice. He says he’s done having children now, but only time will tell. He does say that he’s a good father and knows the names, ages, and birthdates of all of his children.

All of the blame can’t be placed on Hatchett in this case. One has to wonder about the women who chose to have his children. In the end, the children and the taxpayers of Tennessee will pay for their choices for years to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cali. Man Accused of Biting Out Son's EYE

Associated Press, Published - May 19 2009 12:00AM EDT

A 4-year-old California boy may be permanently blinded after police say his father bit out one of his eyes and mutilated the other.

Bakersfield police say 34-year-old Angel Vidal Mendoza appeared to be under the influence of PCP when he attacked the boy April 28. Afterwards police say Mendoza rolled his wheelchair outside and began hacking at his own legs with an ax.

Four-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr. told police, "my daddy ate my eyes."

Doctors at Mercy Hospital say it's unclear whether Angelo will regain vision in his right eye.

The boy's mother wasn't home at the time.

Mendoza is due in court Wednesday. Charges include mayhem, torture and child cruelty. Jail officials say they don't know whether he has an attorney.

Thank you Stephanie for the story! I guess there are some times when silence is the only answer to something. I have nothing to say at all except, damn...

Monday, May 18, 2009

My 100th Post!!

What can I say?! Doesn't the time always fly by when you don't want it to, but stays stagnant when you want it to fly?? It seems as though this is my 100th post and I wouldn't have known except that Blogger keeps count!! lol

I would like to thank all of my "comment"-ators that have given their opinions so far and I hope you all remain with me through this journey... You can know people for years and truly not know how they feel on a particular subject until the subject is discussed. Thank you to those of you who agree and those who disagree with me! It is mainly through our disagreements that we grow. If we are never pushed to our extremes, then we can never know our true potential.

I would also like to give love to my "inspiration" whether it be entertainers, fools in the news, or exciting and historic events that have aided me in my writings! I'm sure I'll continue to have something to say about any and everything. Happy reading!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Judge Orders Boy to Doctor’s Evaluation

Daniel Hauser, age 13, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He and his family decided to not use traditional medicines because of their religious beliefs. Child Protective Services became involved and accused the parent’s of medical neglect. According to the doctors, Daniel’s cancer had a 90% chance of being cured with the medicine and chemo, however without it, his chances fall to 5%.

“The judge ruled that the boy must be evaluated by a doctor to determine if he would benefit from restarting chemotherapy over his parent’s objections.” (Associated Press) Daniel’s attorney, Philip Elbert had this to say, “I feel it's a blow to families," he said. "It marginalizes the decisions that parents face every day in regard to their children's medical care. It really affirms the role that big government is better at making our decisions for us."

So, do you agree with the Daniel and his parents with the belief that it is their decision whether to self medicate him or do you side with the judge?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kirstie Alley – Apology Necessary?

Some of us are the most familiar with her role as “Rebecca Howe” on Cheers, but most of us know her as the ex-spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She lost a recorded amount of 75 lbs on the weight loss program and has since gained it all plus more back. I saw the episode on Oprah when she came out in the bikini, saying how happy she was for losing the weight. I’ve also seen the show last week or so, apologizing for gaining the weight back and how sorry she was for letting people down for it. She said that she felt as though she was an inspiration for millions of people going through the struggle and had let all those people down by gaining the weight back plus some. Sorry, I’m a big girl and I don’t want her apologizing to me for being human and having the same struggles as the rest of do. To me, it just proves that famous people are everyday people with a little more loot in their pockets and shouldn’t be placed on this high pedestal for all of us to look up and idolize.

So, do you think she owes the world an apology for her weight gain? I’m not sure if I’m the minority on this one, but her business is her business. On second thought, if she didn't go on Oprah, would I be writing about her now?? I digress...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Discussion question of the week: Steriods vs Implants

I bet you are wondering how those two go together. I did too until I watched 20/20 the other night. John Stossel said “If women can enhance their bodies to win beauty contests, what is the difference with athletes taking performance enhancing drugs to win medals and tropies?” Isn’t that a good question?

There are several side effects for steroids” hair loss, acne, growing of male breasts and the most common – “Roid Rage”. A couple of people who were interviewed on the show said that adults should be allowed to do what they want to their bodies as long as they are not hurting anyone else… Well, if that we true, we wouldn’t have the laws that we do have…

What I thought was funny was when the interviewee was asked if steroids was cheating. He said that he athletes do millions of things to enhance their performance. Tiger Woods was mentioned because he had Lasik eye surgery to improve his vision to 20/15, some professional bikers have said that they sleep in hyperbaric chambers to enhance their bodies and Janet Evans, swimmer, has said that she won her Olympic Gold medal because she was wearing a special greasy swimsuit.

Then, there are those who agree with the rules of “fair play” but do not agree with the government getting involved by telling people what is accepted and what isn’t. Either you follow the rules that are set, or don’t play the game.

So, what are your thoughts?

Friday, May 08, 2009

"Mothers" Something I Wrote in 2007

I was looking back for something I wrote for Mother's Day a couple of years ago, that still seems to fit even now. I decided to repost it. Happy Mother's Day, from one to all!
Saturday, May 12, 2007


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I will not be around a computer tomorrow to tell everyone this, so I'm grabbing the opportunity right now... Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are MOTHERS. To those of you who aren't, then tell your mothers Happy Mother's Day. If your Mother is no longer with us, I'm sorry, but honor her tomorrow in some way or another, for without HER, YOU would not be here!

From one mother to the next, our job is a hard one - we do it well and with honor. Take pride in it, because you should! Love every minute of it and embrace it! Our children will grow up to be great, wonderful adults and they will one day look back and remember everything that we have done for them. They will look back and appreciate the long days we've had, working hard for them and for our families.

I LOVE MY CHILDREN and I tell them that every morning and every night without fail. I also tell my MOTHER how much she means to me and that I love her with every phone call that is made. They know how much I care for them and that is one of the most important things I could give them. To KNOW and FEEL that they are loved and adored. You can't replace that feeling with anything.

So again I say, Happy Mother's Day - enjoy your day and reflect on the GREAT JOB you have - being a MOM!

Love you everyone!


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Obama - Cutting $17 Billion from Budget

This story is from CNN

The White House today will detail a proposal to save $17 billion next year by eliminating or reducing 121 federal programs, according to a senior administration official. Roughly $11.5 billion of the savings would come from the discretionary side of the fiscal 2010 budget -- that is, from programs that do not receive automatic funding. And roughly half of the savings would come from non-defense programs, the official said.

Among the programs on the president's chopping block:

• A long-range navigation system now made obsolete by the GPS. Cost: $35 million.

• An early education program called Even Start, the performance of which had been poor. Cost: $66 million.

• A Department of Education attaché position in Paris. Cost: $632,000.

• The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, which only pays out 20% of its funds in awards every year. Cost: $1 million.

• A program that pays states to clean out abandoned mines even after the mines have been cleaned out. Cost: $142 million.

But it was unclear Wednesday whether the $17 billion in savings in 2010 would be used to fund other federal programs or to reduce the country's growing deficit. The House and Senate have agreed to amore than $3.5 trillion budget outline for fiscal 2010, which begins Oct. 1. That's roughly the size of the president's budget request. The proposals Congress and the president are making, however, would push long-term deficits significantly higher.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Florida Man Throws Baby From Car

Florida man charged with murder after baby thrown from car

From John Couwels CNN

(CNN) -- A Florida man has been charged with first-degree murder after authorities say he threw a 3-month-old boy out of a moving car on a Tampa interstate.

Police say infant Emanuel Murray died after his mother's ex-boyfriend threw him from a car on a Florida interstate.

Richard Anthony McTear Jr., 21, was arrested Tuesday, hours after a confrontation at his former girlfriend's apartment in which he snatched the child, the Hillsborough County sheriff's office said.

A passing motorist found Emanuel Wesley Murray's body on the interstate. An autopsy determined the child died of blunt trauma to the head, the county medical examiner's office said.

Video on CNN affiliate WFLA TV showed McTear being led out of a Tampa police squad car after his arrest. He ducked his head as TV cameras surrounded him on his walk into a police building.

When asked by reporters if he had thrown the child out of the car window, McTear answered, "It's a dirty game. A dirty game."

McTear is not related to the child, said sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter.

Police had been called to his former girlfriend's apartment about 3:15 a.m. The mother, Jasmine Bedwell, 18, told investigators that McTear had hit her several times and threatened "to kill the both of y'all," the sheriff's department said in a statement announcing the charges.

McTear threw a car seat containing the child across the room during the fight, causing the boy to fall onto the apartment's concrete floor, investigators said. He then picked up the boy and drove off in his blue Chevrolet Impala, throwing the child out while on the interstate, the sheriff's department said.

The child's body was found around 4:30 a.m.

McTear is facing additional charges of burglary with battery, felony battery, aggravated child abuse and kidnapping, the sheriff's department said.

My thoughts are with this family during this horrible time.