Monday, October 13, 2008

“Don’t eat Hog Maws or Pig Feet? Are you sure you’re black?”

I’m POSITIVE was my response to these questions. The things my people come up with, I tell ya. Just because I haven’t eaten these things doesn’t make me any less black than it makes someone more black because they eat these things everyday! So I guess me eating my weekly dose of chicken establishes my “blackness” for the week. People are crazy and get crazier by the minute. What's more weird is that it was a black person that was asking me the questions. C’mon people!
Holla at me and let me know your thoughts!


holly said...

IGNORANT! Why perpetuate racial stereotypes! I hope you said so to that person. If not I'm sayin so right now.

sunny said...

I guess if you are what you eat, I am mostly Mexican, Chinese, Italian... I wonder if this person knew that this is the food given to black people by the white man. Does the white man get to define blackness? Is this person saying that one should embrace the past as it is our history? I wonder if they pick cotten as a hobby - wow, that sounds racist, hmmmmm.

Jennifer said...

I don't even know what a hog maw is. I did eat ham hocks growing up and loved them. I don't know if I would eat them now. But of course you know I'm not the "blackest" black person. Whatever that means.