Monday, October 31, 2011

Love vs. HATE

Love is a feeling that is hard to describe, hard to mask, hard to hide..

It comes in the room with force, with fury, with magnitude..

It should not be explained, nor hidden, nor questioned...

It doesn't need a reason, a location, nor an invitation...

All it wants is acknowledgement, a committment, and time to flourish...

Problem with this is, HATE asks for some of the same things. Hate is easier though, grows faster, quicker to spread, and lasts longer.. This world.. Sounds like we pay attention to things we shouldn't and the things we should pay attention to we let go..

I wonder why that is? Are we so scared to fall in love with someone that we allow the faults that someone has out weigh the good in them? Are we so selfish that we don't want to allow someone else to share the life that we have so calculatingly built for ourselves? Or is it that we are so scared of the possibility of getting hurt that we don't want to open that door to allow someone in?? In doing so, are we REALLY just hurting ourselves in the process because we're really longing for someone to fill that hole that the last relationship left?? The same hands that we love each other with can be the very same hands that cause each other harm.. Wow..

I don't know these are questions I have to ask myself, but am too nervous to.. I know the answers for ME, do you know the answers to these questions for yourself?? Man.. What a crazy world we live in...

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Mother

‎70 years ago TODAY, the most precious of God's creations was placed on this Earth to bring love, truth and joy amongst the rest of his people.. I thank HIM for my Mother and for giving me such a wonderful inspiration to mold me and my girls' after! Mom, I love, adore and cherish YOU and all the times we spend together! *smooches*

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mother Nature

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been FASCINATED with tornadoes and the sheer strength and power that winds can hold. It’s AMAZING to me how the same wind that blows my girls’ hair is the SAME wind that tears apart families and wreck homes. The same sky that we admire a rainbow in can be the SAME sky that kills. It’s something I just can’t comprehend.

Mother Nature and her fury can not be controlled, stopped or prevented in any way! She does what she wants and in what time frame she wants to do it in, not BEFORE and NOT LATER.. Her power can not be contained, nor captured, and would we want to? What would we do with it if we could? Better yet, knowing this country as we do WHAT WOULD WE DO? I’m scared to imagine that.

Until we figure her out though, we must be prepared for the terror she brings for we can not know when it will come. The notice she gives is short and sometimes there is none at all. Wow. Am I talking about “Mother Nature” still… OR.. Am I talking about.. Me??