Friday, January 29, 2010

A Season?

When you think you are all alone in the world someone comes forward with the same issues or problems as you are experiencing… People say: “Things happen for a reason” or “People come into your life for a reason” (or is it a season?) At the moment you are happy that someone understands your position, what you’re going through, the feelings you are having… Then the next emotion is sadness because then you realize this person is hurting too, because someone has hurt them… Why do some people thrive on hurting others? Why are some people so selfish they only see themselves and the current situation with no regards to the consequences of their actions? Why do some things happen to people that don’t deserve the pain they are caused? Not that I want “bad” people to feel pain either, but it doesn’t seem fair. Of course life isn’t fair, but why isn’t it? We all want to be happy and want the best for ourselves, but must that include causing others pain?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's State of the Union Address 1/27/10

Linked above is the State of the Union Address given by President Obama last night... Just in case some of you missed it! If you are seeing this on Facebook, go to my site: to view it in it's entirety!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janelle, The Big 1-0!!

When your youngest becomes double digit age you begin to notice things you probably haven't before: lines on your face that weren't there, body creeks and pops, the independence of your children... It's eye opening! It's great to see, don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful thing!

Janelle, she turns 10 today and she is the most sweetest, sensitive, helpful, kind, loving child in the world! She loves art, animals, everything and EVERYONE!! She's honest, caring, and a social butterfly!! She is smart, gorgeous, beautiful inside and out!! My babygirl, my youngest, the other half of my world! Momma loves you today, tomorrow, yesterday and all days before and after that!! You bring smiles to everyone who your smile touches! A gift in a world full of turbulence! I love you!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Dat?!

(Let me begin by saying that is NOT my booty in that shot, but I love the logo on the pants!!)

Football!!! Colts vs. Saints!! Get outta here!! Two of my teams playin’ each other for the prize!! I knew my teams wouldn’t let me down this year!! I’ve been asked over and over again who my choice would be outta the Colts OR the Saints for winning the Super Bowl… Honestly, I love both!! Peyton and the Colts have been to the Super Bowl so many times; that I think that ALONE has me pushing more for the Saints!! The Saints have had a helluva season and a win would just push me over the edge!!

I’ve heard all kinda reasons as to why the Saints won last night: Adrian Peterson’s two million fumbles, Brett being hurt, the officials being one sided, the crowd noise.. You name it I’ve heard it! Not saying I don’t love Brett Favre, but why not just say the Saints played a helluva game?! Brett wouldn’t have gotten STUCK as many times as he did without his line not having his back OR his front for that matter!! Why not call it for what it is??

The Colts and the Jets – Peyton… Love ya boy!! I know your brother has to admire you and I saw him in the Press Box cheering you on!! You deserve it too, year after year, game after game – you pull through!

Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl this year, huh?! Wassup with that? Not that I don’t LOVE it but why? What was the reason behind it? Anyway, two more weeks of football and then sadness and depression sets in when the season is over and we begin longing for next season to begin… Wish it could go on all year round… Who Dat?!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Right is Just RIGHT!!!

Ever wondered the type of mind frame people are working with?? Sometimes the things people say or the angle in which people view some situations just throw you for a loop and they leave you questioning yourself and your own view?? I know we are all different, but right is just RIGHT, isn’t it?? The extent of WRONG that some people will venture to just amazes those of us who don’t think that way. None of us are without fault, which I’ve said many a time before now and will continue to state that well known FACT, however, just because we all have them, doesn’t mean we should do wrong for the sake of doing wrong with NO conscience, NO apologies, and NO concern for anyone but yourself! Americans are known around the world for being materialistic, selfish, greedy, rude, and any other negative adjective you can mention. Why should we continue to uphold these ideas of US by making the horrible day in and day out choices that we do! URGHHH!!


You never know who is watchin' you and the decisions you make in your life. You could be someone's inspiration and NEVER know it! STAY positive, STAY true to yourself, and STAY STRONG!!

I've been goin' thru something in my life recently... I came to my desk this morning and there was a card in my chair... I opened the card and there was a $50 bill in the card and the hand written message said, "Stay Strong!" Wow.. What a blessing!! It wasn't signed by anyone... They don't know what an impact this has had on me and I don't know what impact I've had on them... AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Haiti!!

"Donations to the International Response Fund can be sent to:

American Red Cross

P.O. Box 37243

Washington, D.C. 20013

OR made by phone at 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) or online at"

From the Red Cross website

Friday, January 08, 2010

Sweet 16!!!

My oldest will be celebrating her sixteenth birthday tomorrow and I’m full of emotions… This was my babygirl! It was just me and her for awhile and no one else on this Earth mattered! She was all I had for awhile and she is one of my two reasons for doing what I do! Teenagers can be a handful and she is not without her issues, but we all have them and I’m blessed to say that she has overcame obstacles that a lot of youngsters would not have been able to. She is my rock, my friend, and half the reason I exist (the other half’s birthday is on the 26th of this month where she’ll be hitting double digits! The big 1-0!) What can I say besides, Shantel, Momma loves you and I’m blessed to be your Mother!