Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain, McCain, McCain

I guess he will never learn how NOT to offend. It's the little things that matter to people hardly ever the big things... The first for me, was the eye contact issue, or lack there of during the 1st Presidential Debate. Why at this day and age (get it?) are people STILL using that tactic to try and show the someone else that they are not important or better yet, what they are saying isn't important enough to even look you in the eye as you are speaking. This was a debate where different opinions on how things are to be handled will be discussed. We can disagree on things without either of us being put down or disrepected in the process, can't we? This is America, we don't have to agree on things, ANYTHING for that matter. Free speech is one of the most important rights that Americans have in this country. (Hence the Blog!)

The next was last night at the 2nd Presidential Debate when McCain referred to Obama as "That One". Now to some people this may not be offensive, but to "most" I would say that it is. Obama referred McCain by either his name or Senator McCain. Nothing more, nothing less. Why must McCain stoop to such a low blow as to "call him out his name" as one of the students pointed out last night while being interviewed.

Should I be offended by these moments? I'm sure people have opinions of these instances and I'd hate to throw the race card as so many others do, but I can't help as to think that it may have something to do with it. I've often heard if it looks like a dog, bark like a dog, then it's a dog - well his barking might just cause him the presidency.


holly said...

Symmonne! Ok after giving this topic some thought and exploring what the media (the folks I respect so it aint many) has had to say, here is my comment. I am neutral on the "That one" issue but think Bill O'Riley had an intersting point. He stated it was condescending and rude. Sho was. But if someone is condescending and rude to a black person does that make them racist? I don't believe so. I think it makes them condescending and rude. I'll need more examples of his behavior. You did point out the fact he doesn't look him in the eye. Well, I'm not convinced but am interested enough to keep my eye on him about it. Cause I don't like that shit. And btw, Obama is just as condescending when he gives that tacky smirk when McCain is speaking and is saying things he doesn't agree with. Just sayin.
I'm keepin my eye out Symmonne!

Saule Wright said...

I think, generally speaking, the difference on what is racist or not is based on ones experience. Those of us that see this incident as racist have probably been held back/affected negatively by racism in day to day life. Those that don't see it probably have never been a victim.

As far as "if someone is condescending and rude to a black person, does that make them racist" I think that goes right back to my initial entry, experience with said racism determines how that person is viewed.