Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comments to "Barack's 30 Minute TV Special Tonight"..

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10/29/08 - 3:16 p.m. ~ Holly said, I think the reason McCain is making a big deal about this is because they both agreed to use public funds to finance their campaign, which is how every candidate has ever done their campaign in the past 32 years. But in June Obama changed his mind and decided to go with private funding. From my limited understanding of this issue, lobbyists and other donors to the campaign can weigh heavily on his decision making once he is in the office because of their huge contributions and by using public funds, it outlaws lobby contributions. And a side note, it outlaws lobbyist contributions because of the McCain/Fiengold bill that was put in place in 2002 because of all the corruption.

Now this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me personally, but I think it’s important to state that McCain isn’t bitching for the sake of bitching, it’s a legit cause to him and other politicians who feel (or say they feel) that corruption in campaign funds is a big deal. I always think transparency and following the law is the way to go. And if you’re doing shady things that could surface later, well all I can say is “I’m glad I didn’t vote for you”.


Tanja said...

Sarah Palin is currently hanging in effigy from a noose in it goes both ways. I would like to see a black president in my lifetime, because it is way overdue. However, Barack Obama is not the right man for the job. There are a lot of questions regarding Obama's fundraising and the non-transparency of the "small donors" that will be exposed once this is all over. All I can say is be careful what you wish for...

Saule Wright said...

Let's not mistake McCain for being a noble whistle blower here. Both campains have, and always will, have major donations from private groups. If you look at the DNC and RNC, the best seats were held by tobacco, firearms, and investment groups. If I remember right, one MAJOR investment group was almost headlining the RNC.

This is is a moot pooint to me because when its all said and done, the RNC STILL has more money than the DNC, almost 5x as much in total money available.

The people have given Obama money with the majority of the donations being less than $100 per person.

Obama seeking private funds doesn't mean anything to me, McCain pointing it out means even less.

Tiki: said...

Yes, I know about the Palin Effigy. That was no more right than Obama's. The man tried to cover hers up by saying it's a Halloween thing, which doesn't really help him at all. There are weirdos of all shapes, sizes and colors out there and unfortunately, we all have to live amongst them.