Monday, December 29, 2008

Football! What a sport!

What do people see in the Dallas Cowboys that they don’t see in any other team? What is it that mesmerizes people so? Also, every team has cheerleaders, but why are the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders more talked about than any other teams? It was the same way back in the day about the Laker Girls. The Los Angeles Lakers were good, but at that time the Chicago Bulls were better and they STILL didn’t care about their cheerleaders… I say, Who cares???

Yes, there are a couple of players on there who deserve honorable mention, none of which will get any here (haha) but I just don’t get it! I hear a lot that I should rep the state in which I live, I feel the opposite, I rep the state from which I came and that is Tennessee – the Tennessee Titans have been and will be my team. I was born in Memphis and therefore, THEY will get the love from me. (By the way, I like the Houston Texans – just for argument sake.) Of course they aren’t my only teams, but they are the ones who I will bring up here.

Poor Lions! They had NO ROAR at all! They went out like some suckas this season! Frankly, I’m shocked how well the Dolphins have played and the Browns too for that matter. But 0-16, WOW!

My wild card picks are: Vikings, Falcons, Ravens and Colts! Let’s see how well I do!


hollybeth75 said...

I thought you were hard core Falcons all the way Symmonne!

Tiki: said...

I was a hard core Micheal Vick fan until he left the Falcons (left... jailed... same thing isn't it?) I included the Falcons as one of my Wild Card picks! I haven't forgotten them!

Saule Wright said...

My team, the Rams...stop laughing, I mean it. I'm from STL so that is my team. Folks try and say that technically, the Arizona Cardinals should be my team, especially since I lived in PHX. To that I say, The Cardinals skipped town with the shitty management of Bidwell, and they went to a city I dislike there is NOTHING about them I like, except Kurt Warner and the color Red.

My Rams....shit. I hope they call Shanahan and offer him something special to get him on board. I think his zone blocking could revitalize our offense and his toughness could help our defense. If not him, want to talk playoffs, not the rams, sorry. Um, I am purely a fan this year. I don't really think any of the teams look better than the Colts who have come storming to the playoffs on a 9 game win streak. I can't say anything good about Tennessee, they played us in the Superbowl, sorry. Plus the shit on McNair for no reason, I still don't like how they played him or Eddie George.

Falcons, I can't root for them after how quick they turned thier back on Vick and drafted the next "good ole boy" and now they are the media darlings. But that QB is good.

Vikings have no idea who they are, so why should anyone else care.

Ravens and the Vikings both wear purple...and I guess that's why they don't know who they are....

Giants look really good, but without the tallest WR on the team...they are average.

The Cardinals, are a joke.

The Dolphins are a great story...Go Parcels, but I don't think they will do much.

It's like a bunch of mediocre teams to me...and the Colts. I ain't even a Colts fan, but I think they will win it all this year.

Tiki: said...

I guess I didn't do so hot on my picks but with the teams that won, I'm not mad at them! The games were still cool to watch and I still like those teams that won, so I'm still happy, I guess... :0)

sunny said...

The "joke" goes to the superbowl! I don't think anyone saw that one coming. Makes for a great underdog story though, doesn't it?