Friday, December 05, 2008

O.J. Sentenced!!

OJ Simpson has just been sentenced to a MINIMUM 15 year sentence for leading an armed confrontation last year in Vegas over sports memorabilia. He has been charged with kidnapping and robbery. The judge makes mention that this case is totally separate from the murders in the early 90’s but some feel as though he is being punished now for those crimes that he may have “gotten away with”. I’m sure the Goldman’s are happy with this outcome although I’m sure they were hoping for a longer sentence.


Saule Wright said...

yep, they FINALLY got his ass. No way should he have gotten 15 years for taking his own shit....then again, he should have been smart enough to keep his ass out of this situation after getting out of the first case.

hollybeth75 said...

Karma's a bitch.