Monday, December 08, 2008


CHOICES can be a scary thing, but it can also be GREAT if you make the right ones. What makes them scary is that once your choice is made oftentimes you can’t take it back. If the wrong choice is picked then the product of the choice can be catastrophic. Ownership of the choice made, especially if it’s a bad one, is also important. It won’t change anything but it does show maturity.

When you decide to share your life with someone, bring someone into your world, the choices you make are even MORE important because then they affect more than just you. Your partner in life is also affected. See, once you bring that person into your life, you are no longer just responsible for you - hence the word “share” used earlier. Those everyday choices that were easy to make when you were alone are easy because you were only responsible for YOU.

Sometimes all you have is yourself. YOU are all YOU got. There are people here and everywhere who will swear up and down that they will be there for you through thick and thin, but the only person looking back at you in the mirror is you. The decisions you make are ones that you will have to live with, being good ones or bad; which is why the daily choices we make are so important. Every choice has an outcome – every cause has an effect that is sure to come. Your choice may not involve you, but it is an affecting someone, somewhere.

If you have children, they are the only ones, besides you, who truly depend on you for their ENTIRE well being. Some people take care of their parents and other loved ones, but your children came into this world with nothing other than the two of you who put them here on this Earth. They should be protected, guarded, and taken care of until the day they can do it for themselves - even beyond then, if need be.

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hollybeth75 said...

I think that people (couples) who respect eachother and selflessly look out for eachother, will make decisions that benifit both, without even thinking about it. If there is a mistake, at least you can say well I made my decision with good intentions, sorry it wasn't a good decision afterall, now I know. But selfish people don't do that. They unconsiously only think just of themselves, despite being in a relationship, being married, and having kids. They see the pain they cause over and over with their bad decisions and selfishness and still don't change. I don't get that. Who do these mother fuckers think they are? They will get their comeuppance.