Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Line in the Cement

Love… How do you cut if off for someone that you’ve felt for so long? How do you tell yourself that it’s over and that there is no turning back? The ultimate line has been crossed, so no matter how sad you feel, you KNOW that you can no longer allow this to continue. This isn’t a line in the sand, it’s a line in the cement and the feelings you had at that instant, must be a reminder that there is NO turning back.

There are moments when the sadness turns to anger and you know its okay to feel this way. You were hurt and this is a way your body has learned or is trying to cope. Allow these feelings; you deserve to AND it’s okay to feel this way.

Time, in this circumstance, is your friend instead of your enemy like you are so used to feeling. Do not rush yourself into thinking that the faster you get over this hurt and betrayal, the better. Instead, allow yourself to hurt. This way, you truly get all the emotion out and can truly overcome the situation.

With all that being said, why is it easier to give advice than to take it yourself?

1 comment:

sunny said...

Advice = logic - the emotions

Add in the emotions, and the logic just doesn't seem to make as strong an arguement.

As the emotions become more removed, the logic starts to make sense - time is the friend here.