Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Plaxico and a Gun

I’ve been waiting to post something about Plaxico Burress. You know, it’s crazy when we think of how these famous people make some DUMB mistakes. We somehow forget that these are PEOPLE. The mistakes they make in the public eye are just like the mistakes “regular” people make everyday. But somehow we are shocked at the mishaps the rich people make. WHY? Their circumstances put them in a situation which made their pockets fatter than the normal person, but they are no different besides that than you and I.

How many times have you heard that someone was shot in your own city at a club? Weekly? If you watch the news regularly, like I do, then it’s a “nightly” occurrence. I do agree that the moves these people make aren’t the brightest, the smartest, however, neither are the moves that us regular folk make every day either.

People are saying that he shouldn’t have taken that gun in with him – that someone could’ve gotten hurt. Well someone did get hurt and it was the one who took it in there. That IS a rare occurrence. It’s usually someone else, not the owner of the gun. Yes, I agree – a club is nowhere for a gun to be. If he didn’t feel safe there, then he shouldn’t have gone. Yes, he needs to protect himself from people wanting to hurt him, but is a gun the answer?

I’ve heard “Guns don’t kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people.” I’m not arguing the gun position here. If you own a fire arm, good for you! This day and age, the world is a dangerous place. We should all be protected and not have to worry about being hurt by anyone. My argument is taking the gun into the club - wasn’t the smartest thing to do. After all, don’t you go into the club to have a good time? How was he able to get in the place with a gun anyway? Was he not patted down? (Maybe because he’s a famous person, they didn’t see a need to search him?)

Anyway, holla at me!


hollybeth75 said...

Girl I don't have to tell you I'm a gun totin' bitch who will shoot you if you come at me with bad intentions. But I also know the laws and the laws state you can't bring a gun into a club (an establishment that serves the majority of its sales in alcohol). So I would say that most law abiding citizens that go through the effort and expense of getting their license and want to be law abiding citizens would NEVER take a gun into a place like that. NOR would they have their gat on them if they were drinking, or around a lot of intoxicated motha fuckas who might cause some shit. So this guy to me, is a dumb fuck who I would bet my last dollar did not get his license, just bought a gun to try and make up for some manliness he does not feel, ironically he lacks it despite his profession I guess. And it's too bad he's so stupid, he must have just breezed through college on his athletic ablities, and went pro early or something because I can't imagine that anyone who earned a degree or had any real intelligence would pull a move like that. MORON.

sunny said...

I disagree that people who have earned a degree and have experienced success in school are above making stupid choices. Some of the most "educated" people I know lack common sense.

I also think it is deficit thinking to assume that an athlete must have been handed a degree. While I'm sure it has happened, it is a stereotype that assumes the worst. It is as wrong as the assumption that a rich person had their daddy buy their degree - you're committing assumiside.

hollybeth75 said...

I never said in my comment that all athletes breeze through college and are just handed their degree nor did I even mention anything about rich people. So many people are very quick so scream "You're stero-typing! You're assuming!" Why is this? I never have understood why people get so excited, passionate and have to scream that out. I never made the specicific point that people who have degrees are above making stupid choices. So wtf.

sunny said...

No passion or excitement here, I just feel that there are a lot of ways that we can - and do - as a society take part in deficit thinking. Our deficit thinking helps to perpetuate stereotypes that lead to oppression of those groups. I believe we need to be aware of our deficit thinking and the power that it has to be a barrier toward success of certain groups of people - often minority gorups, or those who aren't in power. It wasn't a judgment toward you or your ideas, more an awareness of something we are all guilty of.

Oh, and yes, you did make the assumption that degree equals good decision maker in your comment...

Quote: I can't imagine that anyone who earned a degree or had any real intelligence would pull a move like that.

I am glad that you are retracting that statement though and are saying that that isn't what you meant. :) It's just another "stereotype" that we make, this one in favor of those in power.

It's all about our awareness of what WE think vs. ideas we have been GIVEN from society.