Thursday, December 04, 2008


When things become too tough for you to deal with, what do you turn to? Which vise calls you – cigarettes, food, and alcohol? There are so many (none of them good) that the choices are countless. Why don’t we ever turn to each other to solve our problems? Why is that so hard to do? The vice isn’t the problem that you are running away from. So often the vice ends up to be the problem if it’s turned to too often.

We have so much control in our lives over things we choose to control, but for some reason our minds take a back seat when it comes to controlling the urge to pick up that cigarette or eat that Zinger. (I love the chocolate ones! By the way, why do they put 3 in a pack and then say a serving is 1 – help me out Dolly Madison!)

Anywho – what is your vise?


sunny said...

What is my vise? I'm sure there are many, some I'm not even aware of. But by definition, a vise has a hold of you, so I guess it means that you aren't choosing to keep it around, but its grip is too powerful for you to break free.

Now, this would cause deeper reflection on my part (not sure if anything has that tight of a grip on me, but I do make choices that aren't "healthy"). The recent attention to our president elect's "vise", smoking, has caused me to think about vises. It is interesting the role of society and what is considered socially acceptable when judging the choices that others make.

I know that we, as a nation, have decided in the past 20 years or so that smoking is bad - and with a lot of medical evidence to support this claim. But smoking has the additional societal judgment placed on it that we feel we have the right to judge those who make this choice. Aren't there many unhealthy choices that we make that we don't judge as harshly? Eating fried foods, gambling - Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation cities, tanning, living with anger in our hearts...

We all have made unhealthy choices, and the fact is that we need to learn not to judge the choices of others and allow them the time to mature into a new consciousness. We should learn to accept that we are all human and don't always make logical decisions - but as long as the decisions we make aren't illegal, it is part of our own journey into consciousness and maturity.

hollybeth75 said...

Girl you are deep! You make me think. Love what you wrote!