Monday, January 05, 2009


I haven’t been able to write here since 2008, so let me first say “Happy New Year” to all of you reading this!

Let me first start out by sending my condolences to both Dr. Dre and John Travolta for the loss of their sons. Dr. Dre’s son died about 4 months ago, but the autopsy just came back with his death being ruled as a drug overdose. I’m sure that wasn’t the best news to hear for that family and also causes them to mourn the loss all over again. John Travolta’s son died in his arms last week after hitting his head in the bathroom from falling down from having a seizure. My thoughts are with both of these families.

Roland Burris being chosen as the new Illinois Senator by Governor Rod Blagojevich is something else I wanted to discuss. My feelings are all over the place on this move. I know that with Obama leaving the seat that he was the only black Senator, however, is Burris a good choice for the seat? I know that Blagojevich has not been convicted of a crime as of yet, but should he still be able to appoint someone to that position? His choice on who should have the seat has been tainted from jump and unfortunately Burris will bear the brunt of a lot of criticism just by being chosen by Blagojevich. No, it’s not fair, but that is how things are. Burris being 71 is also a little scary but with the remainder of the term only being 2 years that makes me feel a little better about things. I know Blagojevich was trying to keep the seat “black,” but I don’t think that is right either. Should he place someone in the seat JUST BECAUSE he’s black? For all I know Burris could be a great choice, however the manner in which he attained the seat bothers me.

Obama is planning on meeting with legislators today to push for his stimulus package for individuals and businesses. This one will be different from those that we are used to – “The Check”. The way he is interested in doing it is increase the amount of money that working people bring home in your check instead, like a payroll tax credit. For working couples it will be $1000 and for individuals $500. He is also considering a tax break for businesses who reported a loss in 2008. He also would like to establish a new credit for those businesses that create jobs or who avoid layoffs.

I know I’ve mentioned a lot of things here this time. Let me know what you think!

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