Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ann Coulter on The View

If there ever came a time that I would meet someone behind a restaurant, grease my face with Vaseline and put my hair in a ponytail to give someone a serious beat down, it would be with Ann Coulter! The things that this "lady" has the nerve to say just sent hate chills up my spine! How could she say the things that she does? The attitude that Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Sherri even Elizabeth give her are justified. I wish there was a phone number that could be given during the show so that she would have to answer questions from the audience who are sitting there listening to her view. Yes, she has the right to have her opinions, I just disagree with everything that she says. She has no children, yet comments on people who do, namely single mothers. She also comments on mixed (black and white)Halle Berry and Obama etc. who identify themselves as black. Watch the video and let me know what you think!


Tiki: said...


Follow Up about the intial video!

hollybeth75 said...

I like Ann Coulter. I like that she is outspoken, that she will go on liberal television shows with an opinion that she knows will be unpopular and has the balls to stand up for her point of view and can articulate it well. I like that she doesn’t allow others to bully her or gang up on her like I would feel if it was my opinion being attacked on this show. I really wish I had her confidence. And I also like that she is a young skinny blond bitch that isn’t a typical left wing liberal or bimbo airhead. She’s very intelligent. Just quite controversial and willing to speak her mind and can definitely keep up. Regarding her opinion however, this particular opinion I can agree with and disagree with. I think she makes a few valid points when it comes to this: I agree that a lot of children need more guidance and discipline in the home and are victims to situations where you have one parent doing the best they can and it’s just not good enough. The one parent may not have chosen divorce or to raise the child alone. And to even make ends meet may be working long hours, two jobs, trying to better themselves by going to school and working at the same time, etc. Additionally it must be very difficult to manage school, kids homework, be the taxi driver to everything, work ONE job, and maintain a healthy loving relationship with all the children. No wonder there are discipline issues. Or lack of guidance. I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone or that I’m stating anything that isn’t obvious already. So Ann apparently has a book with a whole chapter on this topic. Single mothers are the focus and she seems to have plenty of statistics to back up her findings. The kids that come out of the single mother families apparently suffer from lack of discipline and guidance. Yeah, because Mom is working to put food on the table while “dad” is long gone. Is Ann stating this that offensive? I guess it’s the way she said it ladies? Ok so soften her tone a bit. Does that make it better? I have a feeling it doesn’t. People are afraid to look at painful truths. And this painful truth is that a lot of kids just don’t grow up good enough despite all the hard work a woman puts into it. And what do I mean by good enough? They misbehave in school. They are constant discipline issues to their teachers. As they get older, it just gets worse. They don’t care about their homework. They don’t have a good work ethic. They don’t care. About anything. About school, homework, projects, extracurricular activities, respect for their elders, the law, their future. And there may be varying degrees of this “don’t care attitude” but it’s still there among way too many of them. If they had just had more attention, guidance, structure, discipline and consistency growing up I believe they would have a better chance at a solid future. This doesn’t mean a two parent family consisting of a father and a mother like Ann Coulter believes. This is where we differ. It could be a gay or lesbian family, or the village raising the child upbringing, where grandma, auntie, etc live with mom and help raise them. Whatever. But having a single mother work two jobs and give free reign to the kid all day with no supervision is a serious problem. Letting the kid have too much freedom is asking for disaster. And not acknowledging the problem is just as bad.

Tiki: said...

It’s funny, but the kids that I know who are “discipline problems” have two parents. They would rather have their kids run them instead of them taking control of their kids. The “lack of guidance” comments can happen in a two parent household. Statistics don’t impress me. Experience is knowledge! For one thing, I don’t trust the numbers that people spew out. I would need to read where the stat is coming from rather than just take someone’s word for it.

It has always amazed me that the people who have the time to write these books about parenting or being black are hardly ever a PARENT or BLACK! She has a whole chapter on being a single parent and has NO CHILDREN! The only thing she has learned is what ignorance she has read that another childless person has written!

The chapter regarding Halle Berry and Barack Obama “… claiming the race of their father while ignoring the race of their mother who has decided to raise them” is slap in the face to these people. She, once again, has no CLUE about being black or mixed, but someone else’s information that she read does, so I guess she said to herself, “Let me write, once again, about something that I have no real knowledge of!” Give me a damn break!

Her tone is offensive, yes, but frankly it wouldn’t have mattered if she was singing “Ring around the Rosie” while spouting this nonsense. She, truthfully, has no ground to stand on. That’s like me writing a book on being a white male in New York City – how the hell would I know anything about that?! I could read about it, but knowing for myself on how it would be – I’ll never know! It’s not that I can’t deal with the “painful truth,” it’s that she has no idea what’s it’s like to be a single mother or black in America and she is all over the TV trying to tell ME how it feels! I have a painful truth for both and my knowledge is from EXPERIENCE.

sunny said...

I wonder what motivates Couler to share her opinions with the world. I don't feel that there is a true sense of wanting to help fix problems or solve problems (if that were the case, she would write about the issues of single motherhood and leave political ideology out of it). No one needs someone to point out the obvious, the more barriers there are in raising children the tougher it is.

I would guess by her distaste for "leftwingers" that she isn't in favor of giving aid to those who are in bad situations, so I wonder why when someone who makes it, is able to persevere against the odds (one of which, as she agrees is being the child of a single parent), when these children try to inspire others, letting people know that it is possible, it can be done, the positive message is attacked and seen as glorifying single-parenthood.

What is the solution then? If we don't financially help them out, and we don't encourage and inspire them to keep trying, what is the message?

My opinion, and it is based on this clip alone, would be that Coulter is choosing to judge others to continue oppression, protect her privileged position in society (and make a buck).

One comment that I disagree with is that Coulter is brave. I don't feel it takes much courage to defend your life's choices, beliefs and ideas. It takes courage to question them, to embrace the journeys of others in order to get closer to the truth.

And for the attack on those "choosing" to identify as black when they are mixed, why not question the roots of this. We have had laws about % of black blood needed to be "black", we have to check boxes declaring one or the other, and we live in a society that chooses to classify individuals in order to judge others. Maybe it would be better to look at our systems and the role they play in "choosing" a race, not the individual living within the system.