Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Trajedy

Holly-ism: “A lot of people find themselves on slippery slopes. But the first step on a slippery slope isn't as slippery as the avalanche at the bottom!”

That is so true! Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is totally spiraling out of your control and you have little, if any, power to stop it on your own? Oftentimes you need help from others to stop this from happening, but how do you get the courage for that?

I guess this is what happened to a family in Wilmington, California who found their situation spiraling out of their control and the father decided to kill his entire family including himself! Is this what this world is coming to? Both of the parents had lost their jobs and were already behind in their mortgage payments. Was this the only way out though? They had 5 children, two sets of twins: Brittney – 8, Jaszmin – 5, Jassely – 5, Benjamin – 2, and Christian – 2! (May they rest in peace!)

Are things really this bad in America that instead of asking for help we end it all? Was every avenue traveled? I guess we will never know, but I can’t help but to think that maybe he wanted to take his family out anyway and decided to blame this on the economy. He faxed suicide notes to the TV stations saying that him and his wife made this decision, but did they discuss this? Maybe he is blaming her to cover his own guilt, which is why he decided to kill himself too…

I don’t know, I’m just as much in the dark about this as everyone else, but the kids are who I feel for and the rest of the family members feeling the pain right now…

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