Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A HUGE Thank You!!

I know I've been out of pocket for awhile and quite frankly, I guess I needed to be... I thought that being at home, I would write alot and have plenty to say but I guess this medicine knocked a sistah out more than I wanted to be... My mind was sleeping even when I wasn't... (This is some strong stuff!!LOL)

I wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to all of those who have helped me and my girls while I've been recovering from my achilles rupture injury! (Yes.. It feels just as it sounds!) It's easy to get down and out when bad things happen to you, but when you are surrounded by love, helpfulness and kind people, there is no way you can feel sorry for yourself. So many people helped my girls while I am going from the recliner to the bed with my foot posted high in the air... Yes this sucks, but people came together for me and my girls and for that I am eternally grateful!

I even noticed while paying bills yesterday how nice the world is... So many people held the door for me or assisted me with things as I hobbled around on these crutches that I have yet to use correctly... I'm not supposed to be out anyway, but bills wait for nothing or no one... People jumped out of their cars to help me or held the door or let me go first... Things like that may sound like nothing to you, but the smallest things to some people are HUGE to others and yesterday I needed all the help I could get...

I've also noticed how so many places' handicap accessibility is not what it should be... (You pay attention to things that you normally wouldn't when placed in a situation that causes you too...)

My doctor told me that my recovery/rehab for this injury is "extensive". I can't let that get me down either! He also said that it depends on the individual... I tell you what, I plan on being back on the volleyball court or sand as fast as I can with making every effort possible in order to make that happen! I can't sit here for too much longer without going CRAZY!! I have to get out of this apartment as soon as I can! The walls are closing in on a sistah!! lol

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