Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sex THAT Important??

(Accidentally deleted this one..Had to repost this..) Is anyone else tired of hearing the stories of famous men cheating on either their famous or not so famous significant others? I mean, it’s everywhere all the time! What is with these men and them not being able to remain faithful to their womenfolk? I’m sure women cheat on their men too, but it’s not as prevalent as these supposed “men”.

Is sex that important to men that they have to get it from everyone, everywhere, all the time? People have the nerve to cheat on someone and then not to even strap up when they are doing the “dirty deed”. On top of that, they bring the nastiness home to the spouse or significant other that they shouldn’t have been cheating on in the first place. Just NASTY!! Then we wonder how diseases spread so fast. Why not leave the one you’re with if you aren’t happy with what they are doing or NOT doing in the bedroom instead of cheating on them? If u aren’t happy with how they put it down then u shouldn’t have married them in the beginning. Is the “Cheaper to Keep Her” view still floating around? I mean, didn’t you know what you were getting into before the wedding? To that question, I’m sure some man will respond that we women change after the wedding happens and you know what – you men do too and not always for the better.

So much emphasis is put on sex and not enough on other important attributes of relationships such as: trust, love, communication, respect, commitment, and passion… What happened to the importance of all of those? Do they not matter anymore?

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