Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Injury Update!!

People have been reading the blog and calling a sistah to check on me and for that I send out my gratitude!!

I went to the doctor yesterday and he removed my stitches - 9 of 'em! (My neice wanted to know how many I had. That's for you Asia!) I thought it would hurt alot worse than it did but it was a slight tug for each one and that was it.. When he took of the splint cast, I tell you, it looks like I have one Olive Oil leg and one Popeye leg! He placed a heel in my walking boot and said that I still can not put any weight on my foot for two more weeks! I have to keep the walking boot on with the heel on the inside until I return to the doctor. He then will lower the heel for two more weeks and so on until it is flat on the inside, THEN rehab begins!!

That cliche' is true "You never know what you got until it's gone." That goes for body parts too! lol... The things that I took for granted before, I never will again! The simple things, like being able to carry a cup of water or a plate of food from one room to another; being able to shower; checking the mail - little things like that which require the use of BOTH legs. I tell you what, be happy with what you can do people!! Some people are looking at you and wishing they were in your shoes...

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