Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Dat?!

(Let me begin by saying that is NOT my booty in that shot, but I love the logo on the pants!!)

Football!!! Colts vs. Saints!! Get outta here!! Two of my teams playin’ each other for the prize!! I knew my teams wouldn’t let me down this year!! I’ve been asked over and over again who my choice would be outta the Colts OR the Saints for winning the Super Bowl… Honestly, I love both!! Peyton and the Colts have been to the Super Bowl so many times; that I think that ALONE has me pushing more for the Saints!! The Saints have had a helluva season and a win would just push me over the edge!!

I’ve heard all kinda reasons as to why the Saints won last night: Adrian Peterson’s two million fumbles, Brett being hurt, the officials being one sided, the crowd noise.. You name it I’ve heard it! Not saying I don’t love Brett Favre, but why not just say the Saints played a helluva game?! Brett wouldn’t have gotten STUCK as many times as he did without his line not having his back OR his front for that matter!! Why not call it for what it is??

The Colts and the Jets – Peyton… Love ya boy!! I know your brother has to admire you and I saw him in the Press Box cheering you on!! You deserve it too, year after year, game after game – you pull through!

Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl this year, huh?! Wassup with that? Not that I don’t LOVE it but why? What was the reason behind it? Anyway, two more weeks of football and then sadness and depression sets in when the season is over and we begin longing for next season to begin… Wish it could go on all year round… Who Dat?!

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