Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - The Black Elvis (1958-2009)

(This post was written last night..)

Also known as the “King of Pop” – Michael Jackson has passed away. There are some things that don’t surprise you and then there are things that do. Some things you are prepared for and other things that you aren’t. Today was one of those days... There are days that come out of nowhere and knock you on your ass… Today, Michael Jackson died.

The blogosphere, the black community, the U.S. and the world will be in mourning today for the great MJ. I don’t want to talk about what he meant to the world, but what he meant to me instead. I have a lot of early memories of MJ. My Mom loved him which caused me to love him too. I remember how in shock I was when I heard his voice - so high. It was a Jackson 5 tape with “ABC”, “Who’s Loving You”, and “I’ll be There”. As time goes on, his earlier hits from his “Off the Wall” album – “Rock with You”, “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough”, and “She’s out of My Life” were all that mattered at the time. His music encompassed me – they made you feel good when you heard them and they still do today.

Well, then of course “Thriller” comes out and the world has been forever changed. I had "The Making of Thriller" on a VHS (A VHS tape is a tape that is used in a VCR - just thought I'd break that down for those young people reading this. lol) tape and my brother taped over it with a couple of episodes of "Speed Racer". I was soooo mad and I cried and cried! I tried my best to get him in trouble for that. We lived in Germany at the time and only had a couple of channels - so that tape was everything to me. (Hey Toot, you still owe me!)

Yes, there may be some people reading this who would like for me to acknowledge that Farrah Fawcett also passed yesterday. She had been ill for a long time with rectal cancer so everyone knew her death was soon to come. There is a difference when you someone is suffering like that and then they pass. It's like they have been set free from their illness and will no longer suffer. However, when someone passes that is NOT sick, the death is a surprise and harder to accept. I digress...

I believe I was a bigger Janet Jackson fan than Michael fan, but without Michael, I would've never noticed Janet. My room was basically wallpapered full of pictures of Janet Jackson. She is on my mind as well during this time. She spoke of her brother often, shared her love that she had for him several times in speeches and on award shows. (Do you remember when there was a rumor saying that Michael and Janet were the same person?)

There are several songs as I've mentioned before that I loved of his, but my favorite of all time is "Human Nature". I've added it below for you - this version was from a concert he preformed. I love you Michael! Your legacy of greatness will live on. Your musicality and artistry will continue to influence the up and coming artists of today. I hope someone picks up the reigns and follows in your footsteps with the songs that have helped children and adults suffering from hunger and unrest all over the world - "Heal the World" and "We are the World".

Looking out across the night-time

The city winks a sleepless eye

Hear her voice shake my window

Sweet seducing sighs

Get me out into the night-time

Four walls won't hold me tonight

If this town is just an apple

Then let me take a bite

If they say, why, why, tell 'em that is human nature

Why, why, does he do me that way

If they say, why, why, tell 'em that is human nature

Why, why, does he do me that way

Reaching out to touch a stranger

Electric eyes are everywhere

See that girl, she knows I'm watching

She likes the way I stare

If they say, why, why, tell 'em that is human nature

Why, why, does he do me that way

If they say, why, why, tell 'em that is human nature


Tanja said...

It is truly sad. I can't imagine a person from our generation that hasn't been affected by Michael Jackson. His impact on the music industry is immense and every musician today owes him a debt of gratitude. It's sad that the last years of his life were shrouded in lawsuits, allegations, and hysteria. He had serious troubles, but in the end he has left a great legacy of music and talent that future artists will try to reach but will never be able to. Prayers and best wishes for his family (especially his children) and friends.

glocha said...

I remember when we had a record player...once upon a time...and we actually had the Thriller album. Man I loved listening to it! I was just a kid then, but music was always very moving. I loved the video and watching the choreography in his videos. We even performed the Beat It choreography at a dance competition/conference for fun when I was in high school on the dance team one year. That was I still remember all of it, but the memory is priceless. I wanted to post that video here as well, but it won't let me on the comments.