Wednesday, May 27, 2009

21 Kids/11 Baby Mommas - Just NASTY!!!

Ladies, please remember this face, but with a little conversation, you will know to immediately drop everything and run the other way!! This sperm donor has 21 kids with 11 baby mommas!! Now, one is enough for anyone BUT 21!! GRODDY!! He's disgusting and so are the women! I don't approve of him doing what he's done and I don't agree with all these women having these kids!! C'mon ladies!? His game CAN'T be that good!! We have to begin believing in ourselves instead of letting these men pull the wool over our eyes! I include myself in this. I need a good talking to as well sometimes. I only give advice that I'm not afraid of taking heed to myself. Thanks Stephanie for this story.

This fertile dude pictured up top has eleven baby mothers and twenty one children. His name is Desmond and he is twenty nine:

As if Octomom wasn’t bad enough, a Tennessee man, 29 year old Desmond Hatchett has now fathered at least 21 children he can’t support. Hatchett was in child support court again last week. His name appeared on the dockett 11 times in one day, representing 15 of his children.

Hatchett says he wasn’t out to set a record. He says he never intended to have this many children, “It just happened.” He fathered the children by at least 11 different women and he claims all of the mothers knew about his large family. The children range in age from newborn to 11 years old.

The question Knox County officials now face is how to support all these children. Hatchett works a minimum wage job and by law the state can only take 50% of his paycheck for child support. By the time that money is split 21 ways, some of the mothers get less than $2 per month. That leaves the taxpayers footing a large portion of the bill for these children.

Even though Hatchett can’t support the children he has, there is nothing the state can do to prevent him from having more. Hatchett reports that he had 4 children in one year, twice. He says he’s done having children now, but only time will tell. He does say that he’s a good father and knows the names, ages, and birthdates of all of his children.

All of the blame can’t be placed on Hatchett in this case. One has to wonder about the women who chose to have his children. In the end, the children and the taxpayers of Tennessee will pay for their choices for years to come.


glo said...

To both him and the women: Was it so hard to wrap it up and be on the pill??---Geeeee

superhuff said...

the dude desmond is at fault for leaveing his seed with all these crazy ass woman they have the last word in if and when a baby comes into the have two common forms of birth control.trojans or jacking off,these woman whom some have the same last name are wrong,most knew he had other kids and chose to have bastards.Go old school and get married first.