Monday, May 18, 2009

My 100th Post!!

What can I say?! Doesn't the time always fly by when you don't want it to, but stays stagnant when you want it to fly?? It seems as though this is my 100th post and I wouldn't have known except that Blogger keeps count!! lol

I would like to thank all of my "comment"-ators that have given their opinions so far and I hope you all remain with me through this journey... You can know people for years and truly not know how they feel on a particular subject until the subject is discussed. Thank you to those of you who agree and those who disagree with me! It is mainly through our disagreements that we grow. If we are never pushed to our extremes, then we can never know our true potential.

I would also like to give love to my "inspiration" whether it be entertainers, fools in the news, or exciting and historic events that have aided me in my writings! I'm sure I'll continue to have something to say about any and everything. Happy reading!


hollybeth75 said...

I'm so proud of You Tiki! You have acomplished something big here! Pat yourself on the back. I love ya girl!

glocha said...


Tanja said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You did it and you did it well. Thank you for your wisdom and insight via your blogs and never stop putting your ideas, opinions and the latest word out there, God willing. Stay in touch. Much love and respect... Ma Salaam.