Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kirstie Alley – Apology Necessary?

Some of us are the most familiar with her role as “Rebecca Howe” on Cheers, but most of us know her as the ex-spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She lost a recorded amount of 75 lbs on the weight loss program and has since gained it all plus more back. I saw the episode on Oprah when she came out in the bikini, saying how happy she was for losing the weight. I’ve also seen the show last week or so, apologizing for gaining the weight back and how sorry she was for letting people down for it. She said that she felt as though she was an inspiration for millions of people going through the struggle and had let all those people down by gaining the weight back plus some. Sorry, I’m a big girl and I don’t want her apologizing to me for being human and having the same struggles as the rest of do. To me, it just proves that famous people are everyday people with a little more loot in their pockets and shouldn’t be placed on this high pedestal for all of us to look up and idolize.

So, do you think she owes the world an apology for her weight gain? I’m not sure if I’m the minority on this one, but her business is her business. On second thought, if she didn't go on Oprah, would I be writing about her now?? I digress...

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