Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am hella FEISTY!!

There are people in this world who r gonna wanna try you,

Give ‘em all a door and push their ass and their ‘ttude thru,

I’m tired of this bullshit and the game of who wanna hurt who,

Just keep it pushin’, keep it steppin’ and try somebody else Boo!

I’m not ur doormat for u to walk on, ur games don’t get no play here,

I see thru u and yo shit and on this face they’ll be no tears,

Tell the mothafuckaz who r witchu I have no fear,

While all my homies got my back and ready with THEIR own gear!

No one standing by will be needed or even necessary,

I’m ready for you and you can call all of my adversaries,

You’ll NEED those who will attempt or wanna try me,

Cuz I’ve been told thru out my years that I am hella feisty!!

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