Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worth Shoutin'!

All that glitters AIN’T diamonds,

Day in and day out, I’m grindin’,

It’s in me to succeed so I’m tryin',

You know me, no need for remindin’

What I want and deserve is worth findin’

All the hills and mountains I’m still climbin’

All the while on my face I am smilin’

Things I want are worth all my fightin’

There are folks in my way I’m removin’

What they want they won’t get so I’m blockin’

Their hands and their feet – they aren’t landin’

This fight, I’m smirkin’cuz I’m winnin’

This direction I’m in now is preparin’

Me for what I knew all along, I’m transformin’

Which makes the outcomes I receive worth shoutin’!

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