Monday, July 20, 2009

Should Micheal Vick Be Allowed to Play in the NFL??

You all that know me KNOW that I love me some Micheal Vick!! Yes, I do! Besides him be fine as all get out, he was a terrific quarterback! He had hustle beyond hustle! He made plays that only he could make! He was fast and reliable! I also know that the Atlanta Falcons did pretty well this passed year without him. I'm not blind to that... There are other teams who could use him, but will they give him a chance to play? Will the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, look passed his issues and give him another chance? He's paid his dues to society.. He has done his time.. Will society look passed his offenses and allow him back into the game and their hearts?

“You want to make sure from a skills standpoint that you’re where you were or better than where you were,” said Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson. “That’s the first thing. The second thing is the speed of the game. Just getting back used to the speed of the defensive backs, the speed of the defensive line, the rush – all the things that come flying at you play in and play out. And then it’s just the preparation. Because for three years, or two years, or whatever it’s been, you haven’t had to prepare. You haven’t had to be disciplined and sit in a video room. Those are the three things that are paramount.”

With his time away from the field, do you think he would have been able to keep up his skills? 23 months is a long time to not have the practice time that others have had to build their strength, to learn the plays, to practice, to build love for the team. Will America forget what he's done and remember the player he was?

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