Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There’s a couple of things that have been on my mind lately that I will place all on one post.. Call it lazy or what have you, but this bizness has to get out of my system:

Solange vs. Nyquil and the winner is (insert drum roll here) NYQUIL! It has been reported that Solange Knowles (the OTHER Knowles sister) was hospitalized due to a Nyquil overdose. WHAT?! Nyquil PILLS no less! I didn’t even know Nyquil made pills – but whateva! Okay, how do you overdose on Nyquil? I think the girl will do anything to get her name in the headlines, won’t she?!

200 Pound Chimp MAULS Woman – Okay, yes that is what that headline said. Apparently, the chimp had been in both Coke and Old Navy commercials. A Famous Chimp – anywho it got out of its cage and the owner’s friend came over to assist her with coaxing it back home when the chimp began to attack the woman. The owner ran into the house, grabbed a knife and began stabbing the chimp in order to save the woman! The chimp was later shot dead by the po po. It was later mentioned the chimp had Lyme disease and the medications could’ve had an effect on the chimp. How about being caged up and finally set free again made him realize that FREE is what he should’ve been in the first place! I heard about this story on the radio this morning on the way in to work. People were calling in furious at the radio hosts for laughing at the situation. WHY would anyone have a 200 lb chimp or any wild animal as a pet in their home anyway?

Suge Knight’s Beat Downs – Wassup with Suge Knight and WHY does he keep getting his ass whopped? This time he sustained broken bones in his face. I’m still mad at him for Tupac being killed so maybe I’m partial to want to fight him myself….

Lady Kidnapped and Placed in Diaper – Okay, now you really think I’m trippin’! No, this is an actual story! The lady was kidnapped, held in handcuffs and placed in a diaper for 3 days! She ended up escaping, but when she was found she was only in a t-shirt, diaper and handcuffs! I’m glad she got away but geez!

A-Rod and his Steroids - so what?! Am I the only one who really does not care? I guess maybe I would if I was into baseball, but even when the NFL’ers are found out about their steroids use, I still do not care. Not really… How else do we think these men get this size and get this great? Not by eating Campbell’s Soup or whatever soup that Donovan McNabb was eating on those commercials… Didn’t help him either this year did it?!

Roland Burris and his Senate Seat (or not his seat?) – I’m tired of hearing about this man. Now things are coming out about him and Blagojevich’s associations that they had with one another… Did we really think that these too didn’t have any dealings prior to Blago asking him or appointing him to this seat? Puhleaze! He was not being honest when he didn’t admit to being asked by Blago’s brother to assist with raising money for Blago’s campaign NOR did he admit that he actually tried to raise money but stopped after he was unproductive… Now people are asking that he resign… Nooooo, really?!

Nadya Suleman, “OCTOMOM” - as people so lovingly call her! I guess I’m the only one bothered by this sick person? What just kills me is that she already had 6 children, living at home with her parents, with NO JOB PRIOR to her having 8 more! What in the world?! Back in the day when picking cotton and working the fields for food and building homes for shelter with a wagon and horse buggies – MAYBE then I could understand having all those kids, but I just don’t get it! With no job and no way to support her kids she didn’t need 1 – but 14?! Why is this acceptable? She said that she isn’t on welfare, HELLO – food stamps are welfare! She said that she will lean on her family and volunteers to assist her with the kids… Who would volunteer? Also, it’s blatantly obvious that she’s had plastic surgery… Why not admit it? She looks like a dumb ass for not admitting it especially with the before and after photos all over the place. I guess she didn’t want to look stupid on TV for having work done on her face when she has all these kids at home that could’ve used that money instead.. TOO LATE!

Am I all alone in how I feel about these things? Can’t be! Respond if I am or if I’m not!

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