Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris Breezy and Rih Rih

When I first heard this, I admit, I was sad because my oldest daughter LOVES Chris Breezy. Her room is covered in his posters and she has all his CD’s. (I think we even have the CD’s that he is “featured” on.) I didn’t want to be the first person to tell her the news about him being like so many other men – an abuser. Is that harsh? Maybe, but until we hear all the facts – I guess I won’t change it until then. In this country, we are SUPPOSED to be innocent until PROVEN guilty – but doesn’t that all go out the window when you “turn yourself in”? Are you admitting to the guilt or turning yourself in so that they don’t have to LOOK for you anymore? I’m prone to believe the first although it may not be true.

My friend Gloria sent me the link above with the video of Chris on Tyra explaining that he knows how to treat women because when he was younger, he saw his own mother being abused and didn’t want to treat other women this way. WTF happened then, Chris? I know this is an older video, but you aren’t that old yourself so it couldn’t have been taped THAT long ago!

This subject is sensitive to a lot of people, including myself. I wasn’t going to write about it at all, but just because situations are sensitive doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be discussed. I’ve heard several people say that he “seems so sweet” or “he wouldn’t hurt Rih Rih”. We don’t know these people! Just because we buy their CD’s and watch them on TV, we must remember that we only know the person they WANT us to know. We don’t know how these people truly live or how they really think until something like this happens.

I must say that I am happy that he DID turn himself in, because I would be horrified if he started to hide and run from this situation. At least he is trying to take responsibility for his actions, but to me that doesn’t change the fact of what he ALLEGEDLY did. Rih Rih’s face will need time to heal and so does the hearts of all the young girls who he broke.


Anonymous said...

Girl this is such a SAD situation! I really like both of them, but it's a pretty devastating situation.

Just as you've said, your daughter has posters of him in her room. There are millions of pre-teens/teens that are huge fans of them both. I hope that he gets the counseling that he needs for his anger. And I also hope that she seeks counseling for being physically (and mentally) abused. Both of them definitely need it.

sunny said...

I think the comments by Rihanna about the situation, her desire to stay with him, her declarations of love, are what is most troubling to me.

We tend to think of women who allow themselves to be in an abusive relationship and who accept the situation as their reality as weak. I think this is going to send an awful message to the young teens. Boys, thinking this is okay - Chris did it and his girl stayed with him. And girls, if even the rich and famous accept this, maybe I should, too.

I really hope she can take herself out of the emotions of the situation and reason through this one. She can, and will if she allows herself, love again - and her happiness is not (or should not be) dependent on others. She, and every human, is worth more than this.