Monday, November 24, 2008

Sorry, We Are Closed!

The most interesting of conversations have been occurring at the jobby-job lately. Today I had a talk with a co-worker who is having issues with a girl who is renting a room in her house. Apparently, the girl called her on her cell phone while she was at work to yell, scream and humiliate her. Even bringing up the relationship my co-worker has with her own daughter. Yes, it was out of line for her to go there, but is it right for my co-worker to put the girl (and her 14 yr old son) out of the house?

After hearing the girl had a son that old, I had to ask how old the girl was. She informed me that she is between 47 and 50 years old! WHAT?! (I guess with at that age, I should refer to her as lady or woman, to be politically correct. *side eye* - if she were a woman she wouldn’t be renting a room out of someone else’s house while having an almost grown son. I mean what kind of message is this “woman” showing her son?) Why doesn’t a lady of this age not have her own apartment? I just can’t understand this… She doesn’t have to have her own house, but at least she should be out on her own ESPECIALLY with a son of that age. I had to ask how many rooms the house was, I naturally assumed 4 like I’m sure you just did, NO – 3 which means that the Mom and Son share a room!? WTF?! She needs to be out anyway!

Holla at me!


holly said...

I'd put her out even if she was much younger. I don't have to take verbal abuse from anyone I'm helping out and if that's the appreciation and thanks they are giving for me giving up a room, my privacy and accomodating them overall (even if they are paying me) then they can get the fuck out.

Tiki: said...

Girl, you are soo CRAZY!