Wednesday, November 05, 2008

He Did It!

As I was watching the TV last night as the states on the map began to change blue, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My neice and her friend came into the room screaming and yelling with happiness in their eyes! At the bottom of the screen, "Obama, the projected winner!" ("Projected" makes me a little nervous.) I couldn't get happy yet, because I wanted to wait until I heard McCain concede. I didn't want to celebrate to soon, but at the same time, I couldn't wait! Sure enough, McCain was giving his concession speech and I knew that the moment I've been waiting for, dreaming for~had arrived! Obama has won the presidency!

Since we were at my brother's house, I wanted to be home by the time Obama gave his speech. I knew it was going to be an emotional one for me to watch and it was. I couldn't believe it! I sat in silence and listened to every word he said. I listened with hope in my heart and tears in my eyes. This day has come and I was a part of it.

My Mom couldn't believe it! She was emotional as well. Her chin quivering, tears rolling down her face - all out of happiness. She never thought that she would see this day. She grew up in the time of picking cotton, working in a home where they rang a bell to get your attention instead of calling you by name. She's seen it all and NOW, she's seen this! She said that Obama has changed the world already. People who never thought they would vote were registering and waiting in line for HOURS. It was record-breaking - truly history in the making, from start to finish.

"What an inspiration. He is the first truly global U.S. president the world has ever had," said Pracha Kanjananont, a 29-year-old Thai sitting at a Starbuck's in Bangkok. "He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president."

In case you missed Obama's speech last night, you can watch it here:

President Elect and the First Lady - sharing a moment:

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