Thursday, September 22, 2011

Potpourri V

Today is one of those days where I come to my keyboard to see what will happen and to see if something comes from NOTHING.. The "nothing" I speak of isn't me, it means I have no pre-planned idea of where this may take me but it usually takes me to where it needs to.. It's less DIFFICULT to let the words flow than to plan where they are going..

{TROY DAVIS - R.I.P.} When this blog began several years ago, I wanted to move all my writings from Myspace and then it turned political when Obama ran for office.. It has had it's share of public events, poems, videos and writings of course by yours truly. All of you who TRULY know me KNOW how I feel about PEOPLE in general. I love folks and love seeing smiles on folks faces. FROM WHAT I KNOW about this man's trial, I feel as though something here went terribly wrong.. A friend of mine posted this on their Facebook page: "The last words of Troy Davis... Strapped to the lethal-injection gurney, Davis lifted his head and looked at the MacPhail family, and said, The incident that night was not my fault, I did not have a gun. I did not personally kill your son, father and brother. I am innocent. So sad.." True, people sit on death row who are innocent. People die on death row that are innocent.. This time something was different though. The coming together everyone felt to try and save this man's life not truly knowing if he was innocent or not but yet STILL attempting to save someone meant something. Why are these efforts not done every day? We gotta do better folks.. (Ok.. Whew.. I had to get that out..)

Now. I've been coming into myself lately.. Thinking positively, reacting slower.. Things are changing for me and I think it has alot to do with the people I choose to hang around or be involved with. Your "circle" has alot to do with YOU whether you want to think that way or not. They influence you one way or another, your thoughts, your reactions, your places you venture all have to do with your "CIRCLE". My "Circle" has become relatively smaller lately and for that I pat myself on the back. Making difficult decisions is just that, DIFFICULT. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, just means it's harder to do.

Letting folks in to the most inner parts of you is HELLA stressful but necessary. It's DIFFICULT to allow yourself to open up to the risk of being hurt but at the same time you're allowing yourself the opportunity to possibly be HAPPY. Wouldn't that risk be WORTH IT THEN? Happiness is not something everyone can rejoice in, but it's definetly something everyone should experience.. Happiness and love.. Those two feelings should be felt by everyone.

I was told lately that I have to "let things go" or to "not hold a grudge". I can forgive anything and everyone, my problem is forgetting what I am forgiving.. That is DIFFICULT for me. After being hurt or wronged I need my space to deal with my feelings sometimes which isn't always good, but it's how I deal with things. Understanding the difference in how people handle their emotions is important and vital to comprehending how folks operate.

This is part V of "Potpourri".. My way of saying - here are my thoughts and take them for what they're worth! No rhyme or reason.. This is what happens when I wait a month to write in this blog! ;0)

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