Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Ole' Paper and Pen

Good ole paper and pen.. How have you been?

You’ve been missing for awhile and I can tell you’ve been gone.. My thoughts are crossed and I’m singing sad songs..

I need clarity in mind and in my heart and without you there I can’t express thru art.

Lately I see things that I don’t like to view and if I can’t keep it in then I may as well tell you.

I’m struggling with things that I can not change and matter of fact they are driving me insane.

I’m getting hurt easily and letting things thru, that I normally would never allow them to.

I know my feelings are mine alone and I have no problems taking them as my own.

It’s just difficult when friends are gone and when all you can do is be alone.

I’m not nervous about that in the least, it just hurts when you go from the one with the most to the one with the least.

None of this is true none of this is fact, but it doesn’t change how those around me act.

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