Thursday, February 24, 2011


Why does it take some of us so many times to go through something to realize the hurt in it? It’s like watching a kid touch a stove and burning themselves… The next time they approach the stove slowly because they are EXPECTING to get burned; however they become confused when they touch it and DON’T get burned, not realizing that the stove isn’t even on at all this time. After this occurs, you see the child once more approaching the stove but THIS time, they don’t hesitate at all because they remember that they were not burned the last time they touched it, however THIS TIME, the stove is on and they ONCE AGAIN are burnt… People have to figure out things for themselves regardless how many times you tell them…

What is with dealing with people in our lives that are our “STOVES”? Is it the fact that we never know what we are going to get or is it the UNKNOWN that excites us? Why be fascinated by the unknown at all? Wouldn’t it better to KNOW that you will NOT get hurt than to be uncertain of WHEN the hurt will occur? Stoves have many different degrees; however they ALSO have an off switch! In order to ensure you will no longer be tempted or hurt by the stove in your life, cut it off so that you can be confident that it will no longer hurt you. People, we gotta do better!

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