Thursday, February 17, 2011

Potpourri IV

Well I can’t believe I’ve written 200+ blog posts here on Blogger!! I guess I truely have had a lot of things to say… That part doesn’t surprise me but the fact that I’ve gotten everything out that I’ve wanted to say DOES. I know that may be shocking to some people but I’m not the same person that I used to be… I’m more insightful now and I tend to look at things differently than I used to… I look out more for ME now and less about what others need or want. I’ve gone through some HEAVY things in my life… I’ve been through it all and have overcome it all. I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been and I’m more in touch with the world around me more than ever before.

I’ve come to the realization that things are as they are for a reason. The reasons aren’t usually clear at the moment, but when that moment has passed I have been able to see WHY it has happened the way that it has. You don’t always have to be the WINNER in a situation to be better because of it… Every situation has learning potential. What you choose to take out of a situation is what will teach you more about yourself than what the situation itself has… I’m more positive now than ever… I see things in a different light than ever before… Maybe it’s because “40” isn’t that far off or because I’m more mature now, I don’t know… I’ve been mature for most of my life although I can clown around with the best of them. I’m a deep chick though, best believe. My life’s situations have made me see things sometimes that other people don’t see. Me being so BLUNT about things can cause friction with some, but MAINLY viewed as love from MOST.

“So Tiki, what are you sayin’?” Nothing and everything.. Something and Nothing. It’s “Potpourri IV”! I don’t have to have a reason to write. My reason to write is the reason itself.

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