Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TAX DAY IS HERE!!! Have you filed?

Tax Day is here and to be quite honest with everything else going on in people’s lives, I’m not sure if folks really give a damn… Either you have filed, will file by midnight, will ask for an extension to file late or could care less if you file today or ever. Where are you in this group?

I’ve read somewhere that 1 out of every 5 people do not file their taxes. Have I filed? Yes and the check was actually spent for its intended use. There have been times when I couldn’t say that, so I’m proud of myself even in the slightest bit…

If you are one of those folks who will be heading to the post office today, remember not to go crazy in the lines. Be patient and go with the intention of waiting. REMEMBER: It's your fault that you waited to the last minute to get this done, not the people who are working the lines.. Don't give them attitude! (Aren't I the one to talk! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle... lol)


Tanja said...

You said "I'm not sure if folks really give a damn..." and I think that is part of the problem. We citizens don't care enough that our taxes are being raised, that our tax dollars are funding outrageous pet projects, and the federal government is taking more and more of our money, especially now with the trillions of dollars being spent on stimulus packages, bailouts, and increased budget spending. One of the things that angered me most about George Bush was his excessive spending that he did while in office in order to please everyone. Now Obama is spending even more. People SHOULD be waiting till the last minute to file, especially if you are someone who owes money. You should not be giving the government one red cent earlier than April 15. Your hard earned money should remain in your pocket up until 11:59 pm April 15. I guess if you are part of the population that received a check back, because of overpayment (like myself) or tax credits then submitting early is smart. The citizens of America don't realize how much money is taken out for taxes because the money is gone before we even see it. Perhaps if we all started "giving a damn" we would see how high our taxes are and how much of our tax dollars are wasted every year.

hollybeth75 said...

I agree with you Tanja! I think more people should know how much money they paid in taxes each year. So many are so gung-ho to help out all the "underprivileged"...if we knew how much we paid each year, and how much more we'd be paying for each program, would we as tax payers be so willing to help out GM or AIG? Or other just as needy and deserving groups? I think people file and see the amount they get BACK but not how much they pay. Lets take MORE personal responsibility! :)