Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mother Requests Son's Sperm.. WTF?

Okay, now this is too crazy.. A mother has gone to court to ask the judge to summons the collection of her dead son’s sperm. Her argument? That she will never be able to have grandchildren! Okay, okay.. Let me back up a little… Her son was attacked while being downtown Austin last month. After being punched, he fell and hit his head on the ground. He later died at Brackenridge Hospital. The mother claimed that her son has always wanted 3 sons, whose names he’d already picked out as: Van, Hunter and Tod.

Now I know my readers out there have something to say about this!! What in the world?! The story didn’t say that the son had a girlfriend or a wife or anything so, wassup with that?? Who is going to raise this child and where is the egg coming from?! HELLO, Granny! It takes two things to make a baby and I’ve only read about one of ‘em.. I hope she doesn’t plan on using some of hers and hers should be “Dead and Gone” like the Justin Timberlake song says! Ewwwwwwwwwww ~ Holla back…

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Anonymous said...


WOW... This is kind of strange. I do understand how she may feel that she'll have a part of her deceased son, if she has his children in her care or walking the Earth but her method may not ad up to her madness.

We don't know what is in her heart or what pain she endures so we shouldn't be so quick to judge her. A person is likely to do most anything, if the pain is intense enough. I do not agree with her plea but I understand what she must be going through.

May it be pleasing to God(swt) that her son slumbers peacefully and that his soul rises to meet his maker in peace... Ameen.