Sunday, September 27, 2015

Growth Potential

I get such a thrill from repotting plants.. Seeing the growth potential for the plant by giving them room to grow in a bigger better pot with new soil.. There's a chance though that the pot will reject it's new surroundings.. May not like the dirt, may not like the new spot you choose for it to be.. But, if it does choose to survive, what a bigger, prettier, stronger plant you will have! Its leaves are usually larger! It's color, more vibrant! Sounds like us when we make it out of a bad situation! We often think we are stuck in that bad dirt with nowhere to go.. We start to die a little, feeling trapped and stunted by what's around us.. Oh, but when we get the opportunity to outstretch our arms and make it to new ground with promise , what a NEW PERSON we become!


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