Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Why do we allow ourselves to believe things we know aren’t true? Is it because we allow our hearts to rule us instead of our minds? We want to believe things are the way we want them instead of how they really are. Reality is a HUGE pill to swallow when your well has run dry. People tell us who they are by the actions they make, not by the words they choose. We want to believe that people will change, that we are somehow different then the others who have been caused hurt by this person, but in REALITY, we are no better, no different then the ones before us. When you see something in front of you, don’t walk around it in order to avoid it, step to it with your eyes open so you can see it for what it is – REALITY. Reality won’t lie, won’t steer you wrong – it is what it is and we all need to deal with it.