Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I'm Doing This For Me!

Not everyone will understand you, your issues and what you’ve been through but is it really FOR them to comprehend? I mean, does it matter if they don’t? I believe there are some people in this world whose sole purpose is to cause harm... I mean EVERYONE has their role in this life and unfortunately not everyone was placed in yours to be good to you. It sucks to think of this that way but how else is there to think of it? I’m sure everyone has SOMEONE in their life that causes nothing but hurt and either you can get that person out of your life or you have to deal with their mess… Either way, they are a part/were a part of your existence, unfortunately…

So then the next question is “How do you deal with them while they are IN your life?” Your survival must be centered on your well being and with this person there your happiness can be jeopardized. So, what do you do? The easy answer would be to remove this person from your surroundings but THAT is not as easy as it sounds… Certain circumstances can hinder this from occurring… So then what? Since you can not remove them, remove yourself? That can open up another case of the “why are you doing this to ME?” The best answer to this question for me is, “I’m not doing anything TO you, I’m doing this FOR me!”

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