Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What if the appreciation you seek from someone outside of yourself is not returned? Does that mean that you didn’t do enough for them OR does that mean that who you did it for was not worthy of receiving your gifts? Either way, the feeling that you have after this will be hard to deal with, but you have to remember that when we do things for other people it is for the good of OURSELVES whether it is accepted or not.. You hope that it will be well received but in the end, you tried… You attempted to do good for someone else REGARDLESS of how it was interpreted, taken, denied or not returned… Just think, if doing something for someone else didn’t have any good intentions behind it for you, then nothing GOOD will come out of it at all if it wasn’t received…

Now, with all that being said, is that SELFISH to do things for the good of YOU? Maybe, but during Christmas time we say it is “Better to GIVE than to RECEIVE.” What does that mean? Same instance as here, but for some reason some people whom we consistently/constantly give TO do not deserve our attempts… So, do we stop giving or do we stop caring that it’s not received??

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