Monday, June 28, 2010

By ALL Means... Read ON!!

I began this blog for ME and me only, because writing is what I love to do. It frees me of pinned up emotions and feelings that I keep to myself. Although I am an open book, some things ARE personal. Some things are better left either unsaid or said to a chosen FEW, but for the most part, ask me and you’ll have your answer whether you will like what I say or not.

Don’t cha just love when people come into your world and try to change you and what you do? Of course you don’t I was being sarcastic, but censorship is the same thing. Apparently some folks don’t appreciate my words and how I choose to portray them to the world, but as I recall, this is MY blog and I can do with it as I choose. Luckily, I have little care for what people think of me or what their opinion is of me. I just say, “kiss my azz” and keep it pushin’! If you have that many things to say to me about what I do, then begin your OWN blog and write freely there.

Don’t try and shush me, it will only cause me to become LOUDER. Don’t attempt to cage me, I WILL break free. Don’t hold me down, I will become unloosed. It’s a new world out here and I want to see what it holds whether you are ok with it or not. By the way, don’t take what I say so personally, but if you do and it changes you for the better, then by all means… READ ON!!

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