Monday, September 29, 2008


It’s so weird that after all these years, drama NEVER ceases. You would think that people would get tired of causing suffering amongst others. That it would finally make the wrong doers BORED or they would FINALLY come to their senses. But I did mention that “sense” had something to do with it. I believe that I misspoke and for that, I apologize. We can’t assume that everyone has sense, logic, or wisdom or whatever word you would like to replace it with. All of us were raised differently some by both parents or by a single Mom or Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family or whatever the situation might be. However, no matter what the circumstance is MOST of us know the difference between right and wrong (whether you act like you do or not). Each of us have a place in this world, a role we have been given. Most of us have more than one role. However with this/these role(s) also comes responsibility. EVERYONE is responsible for their own actions whether the action was wrong or right. It’s not everyone’s place to remind you of your role you should take ownership of it. Be responsible for your own actions and make your situation the best that it can be.....

We all have a place in this life, things that we can call our own. Our space, our family, our friends-be happy and enjoy what you have instead of trying to have what isn’t yours. I’m not in no way saying to “settle”. Never “settle” for anything. Always strive for the best, but have the mind set to know what’s in your grasp and what isn’t. I’m one of those people, it may be wrong; who believes that I have to fight for what I believe is right REGARDLESS who is telling me that I’m wrong. Oftentimes this leads me into trouble. I try to take a step back and analyze the situation, but most of the time, I don’t. I know I should hear the other person out, but if someone is doing something wrong, I have to correct the problem ESPECIALLY if it’s to a family member of mine or a friend. I tend to over react and I’m told that it can make the situation worse. I get told that I need to mind my business, but aren’t my family and friends my biznezz? I especially get hurt when I stand up for something or to someone for a friend or family member and the same respect isn’t given to me. It feels as though I’m constantly, consistently putting myself on the line for someone else and never getting that same respect back. What should happen in this situation? Should I step back and let things ride or continue my quest for protection of my family and friends whether they would do the same thing for me or not?

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sunny said...

Always be yourself and never question that! I'd argue that you aren't standing up because you are looking for the same in return (even though that is always nice), but because you feel it is the right thing to do. So is your question should you stop doing what you think is right because not all people have your courage? I say no.